Title: Barratt Tom & Jerry Sweet Cigarettes

Medium: Oil On Board

Framed Size: 40cm x 36cm



Barratt is a confectionery brand in the UK, known for products including DipDab, Refreshers, Sherbert Fountain, Fruit Salad, Black Jack and Wham.

Barratt & Co. was established in London in 1848 by George Osborne Barratt. By 1906 it was the largest confectionery manufacturer in the world.

Candy Cigarettes' place in the market has long been controversial because many critics believe the candy desensitizes children, leading them to become smokers later in life. Most Candy Cigarettes continue to be manufactured but have been renamed Candy Sticks and are manufactured without the red tip (to look like a lit cigarette).

I love to paint the various characters and themes used to decorate the boxes, especially when I can find the matching illustrated cards you would find inside.


This painting is currently on loan at the Museum of Brands in my 'Brushstrokes to Brands' exhibition but will be available in 2024. For enquiries please call Steven: 07799113378 or CONTACT


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