Title: Cafe Condiments

Medium: Oil On Board

Framed Size: 98cm x 83cm



This still life was painted in my studio over a 7 week period.

I wanted to paint the objects typically found in a traditional British Cafe but realised that to capture the detail I wanted it would take me too long to paint in a working cafe environment. So after months of research I managed to aquire props to recreate what I had observed at several of my favourite locations and built a set in the studio so that I could control the lighting and work at my leisure for as long as I needed.

I spent several days adjusting the different items I'd collected until I had an interesting composition with different textures and elements before I began the painting.


This painting is currently on loan at Museum of Brands in the 'Brushstrokes to Brands' exhibition but will be available in 2024. For enquiries please call Steven: 07799113378 or CONTACT


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