Title: Trebor Refreshers

Medium: Oil On Board

Framed Size: 40cm x 36cm



During the late 1970s and early 1980's my Grandma & Grandad Smith would visit us on tuesday evenings and used to give me and my brother a Dairy Milk bar and a packet of Trebor Refreshers just like the ones in this painting.

This packet must pre-date 1984, the year when this Trebor logo was replaced with a new, simpler banner. The fluttering flag-style banner, introduced in 1977, was not felt popular and was technically difficult to print on small packs.


This painting is currently on loan at the Museum of Brands in my 'Brushstrokes to Brands' exhibition but will be available in 2024. For enquiries please call Steven: 07799113378 or CONTACT


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